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Google Web Fonts

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Google Web Fonts
Google Web Fonts is a tool that a web designer / web developer can use to add custom fonts to their web pages. The tool allows you to directly preview the text and the character sets, typefaces and glyphs of the fonts.
To make things a lot easier, there is a 1-click button that shows a wizard guide to quickly use the font in your app; CSS/JavaScript codes are provided. The wizard guide also shows a “Page Load” gauge meter graph to show how it may impact your page’s loading speed, so remember to not overdo and don’t use too many fonts.

At the time of this writing there are already 629 font families to choose from and it is constantly growing. and you’ll find font similar to the popular Helvetica, Catull fonts (Google’s logo) as well. There are a lot of free fonts to choose from, some of my favorite are the Lobster, Pacifico, Chewy, Kavoon.

Check it out and add spice to your website.

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