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StackExchange – Winter Bash hats

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Winter Bash 2012 is StackExchange’s way of celebrating the holidays by adding some fun challenges for the users on StackOverflow, Meta, and other sites of StackExchange to earn these hats after accomplishing some pre-defined tasks.
They also added some secret hats that are a bit difficult to earn these badges are Shiver Me Timbers, The Abby, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!, Epic Punyon Beard, Cake Is Not A Lie, Bushido, n00b Hat, And I Feel Fine (End of the world day)

Have fun trying to get them all :)

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Arial fonts or Helvetica fonts quiz game

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So you think you can tell the difference between Arial fonts and Helvetica fonts?
Then take the quiz in Ironic Sans – Arial or Helvetica quiz
I answered 18 out of 20 questions correctly because I took quick guesses on those two big logos, didn’t want to stare on it that much.
You’ll be given 20 questions and 20 company logos that you can compare side by side; 1 of them is created using Arial font and the other will be recreated using Helvetica font.

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