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Dropbox using promotions in twitter to give storage

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Dropbox using promotions in twitter to give storage
Dropbox gives users additional storage space when they sign up and do a few tasks for Dropbox’s twitter.
You can get 125 MB for each this easy tasks and will only require you to have a Twitter account.

Here is what you can do on their “Get Space” promotion page:
1. Connect your Twitter account. After connecting
– You’ll get a chance to invite your friends to Dropbox with a Tweet
2. Follow Dropbox on Twitter
– You can stay up to date with the latest Dropbox Tweets
3. Tell us why you love Dropbox
– This is quite unique because when you do click on this task, you’ll be given a small box to explain why you’ll love dropbox, it’s like a “Complete sentence” mini game

Aside from those Twitter promotion, they also guide you to complete the other easy steps which also involves using your Facebook account.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, try creating through this link to give my Dropbox account some love and additional free space :)

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Namecheap ReTweet deal

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Namecheap ReTweet deal
Namecheap have been running special promotions or deals in the Twitter platform.
From what I remember, they run this promotion around every 3 or 6 months.
I’ve joined their contest for a few times now, good to know they succeeds in reaching their thresholds.

The guidelines for the contest are the following:
1. To have user retweet Namecheap’s specific tweet and when it reached a certain retweet count, they’ll make special discounts on their domain registration or domain transfer for .com/.net/.org which they will enable only within 24 hours.
2. User must follow namecheap’s Twitter account so they can Direct Message the special ID generated or coupon code
3. User can only retweet every 3 hours and 1 user can only get 1 coupon code

I think it’s a really creative way to run contest in Twitter platform.

After a few weeks/months, they changed the required tweet from 20000 to 15000 tweets.
So their main header banner is updated and they put a red strike on it.

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