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Google Doodle – Hurdles 2012

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Google release another interactive doodle that you can play with. This Doodle asks you to press on your keyboard the keys left and right to simulate the stepping of your left and right foot to run and then the spacebar is for jumping to avoid the hurdles. There is a score count at the end of the mini game.

for those wondering, no its not made using flash player, swf objects.

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Google’s I’m feeling lucky – Easter Egg

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Google’s I’m Feeling lucky¬†has a special secret feature (Easter Egg), try hovering your mouse into that button and you’ll see the caption slides up and down and change to the followin

  • I’m Feeling Puzzled
  • I’m feeling Artistic
  • I’m feeling Hungry
  • I’m feeling Wonderful
  • I’m feeling Stellar
  • I’m feeling Trendy
  • I’m feeling Doodly
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