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Set Facebook as Homepage

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Facebook is encouraging users to set their homepage to facebook.com
They added the message, Set Facebook as your Homepage Fewer Clicks, faster access and then add some instructions on how to drag the button into the homepage button of your browsers (Firefox toolbar)

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Bookmark Zynga

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Zynga’s homepage have this modal popup that suggests that you drag the link to your browser’s Bookmarks for easy access and coming back to their site. and when you hover your mouse in the button it shows an arrow up and the words Drag me! shows, and they then changed the cursor into a move/drag icon.

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Google’s I’m feeling lucky – Easter Egg

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Google’s I’m Feeling lucky has a special secret feature (Easter Egg), try hovering your mouse into that button and you’ll see the caption slides up and down and change to the followin

  • I’m Feeling Puzzled
  • I’m feeling Artistic
  • I’m feeling Hungry
  • I’m feeling Wonderful
  • I’m feeling Stellar
  • I’m feeling Trendy
  • I’m feeling Doodly
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